Welcome to Bethune-Dubois Institute

The Bethune-DuBois Institute (BDI) was founded by the late Dr. C. DeLores Tucker.
It was named in memory of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, founder of the National Council of Negro Women and Bethune-Cookman College and Dr. William W.E.B. DuBois, the first black Ph.D. graduate from Harvard University, a founder of the NAACP, a sociologist and visionary.
Our founder, C. DeLores Tucker was a national visionary. She was the first African American woman in the United States to be named Secretary of State serving the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from 1971-1977. During her tenure, she encouraged the appointment of more women judges and African Americans to boards and commissions than ever in that state’s history. She further established statutes that would permit students to register and vote from their college districts.
Dr. Tucker was a renowned civil rights activist and politician who tirelessly served on behalf of historically-oppressed minorities and women. (more…)

The BDI 31st Awards & Benefit Affair

The BDI 31st Awards & Benefit Affair is planned for September 12, 2019, Silver Spring, MD. Indication your support of the BDI mission by Sponsorship (BDI Corp Sponsorship Form, Small Bus. Sponsorship Form) or advertising in the Souvenir Booklet (BDI Corp Advertisement Form, Small Bus. Ad Form) will be greatly appreciated. Reserve your seat at the table, Now!
Contact Ms. Loretta Young at 301-562-8300 or 202-425-0003 for more information.

Cybersecurity Technology Program

BDI is planning to host a 2019-20 Cybersecurity Program for Youth. The focus will be on the fundamentals of cybersecurity technology for a diverse group of secondary school students in the DC metro area.

BDI is committed to providing training programs for youth in underserved communities to prepare them for the significant growth in the cybersecurity U.S. workforce. The program will be open to all 7-12th grade students. For more information or to donate funding, volunteer or apply for acceptance, email us at: bethune_dubois@verizon.net or call 301-562-8300 (office).

Social Media Pros and Cons

The event was moderated by marketing expert and radio host, Robert Gatewood, MBA. Panelists included social media expert and radio host Shawna Renee Oduor, and business owners, Thorman and Yalanda Jerry of Refunds-to-Go.

The Bethune-DuBois Institute (BDI) is a nonprofit-organization founded by Dr. C. DeLores Tucker for the purpose of helping students and young adults achieve both a quality education and leadership development guidance.