Hello Justice-Seekers


Stay tuned as we keep your abreast of the world of justice and our fight for the same.

Please click onto the link below – “JUSTICE Ministration Remix” (in red)  to read more about “Jesus Uniting Souls To Increase Community Engagement (JUSTICE) Ministration!”

You may email us at wewantjustice@justiceministration.com or gatewoodlovesjustice@gmail.com

JUSTICE Ministration Remix

Meanwhile read Luke 4:18 and you will know why we say – “You can’t know the need for Jesus without knowing the need for Justice. ”

We will need your support.  Because your support will help us to help others.   And, if you love justice – you will love JUSTICE Ministration.

In the spirit of JUSTICE,

I am humbly at your service,

Curtis Everette Gatewood

Founder & Servant Minister