Thank You for Supporting the Durham Stop Killing Us March 6.2@10 A.M.

Thank you for supporting the Durham Stop Killing Us (SKU) March!

We have attached a photo album of highlights from the Durham Stop Killing Us March & Rally on Saturday, June 2, 2018 in Durham!  More pictures will be added as we receive them.

Your prayers and support have made possible much work and the raising of the consciousness needed to produce and inspire the action needed for change!

The above is a picture of the marquee at Perry Point At Hayti (also shown on WRAL TV) where the Stop Killing Us Rally was held in Durham. This indicates the strong support, coordination, cooperation, and unity we are humbly generating from powerful socially conscious friends and JUSTICE Partners.

Click link below to view the news video:

Atty. Robert Perry and Perry Point at Hayti are loved and appreciated for their class-act support!

We were also blessed with and are humbly thankful for the support and gracious hospitality of the Durham Committee (on the Affairs of Black People) through the direct assistance of Vice Chair Bro. Ricky Hart and Chair Omar Beasley.

Bro. Leon Gatewood, our sound and D.J. expert, did an outstanding job and truly blessed us. I also appreciate the fact he brought with him one of my gramma school friends – Bro. Allen Sturdivant, which I had not seen in 40 years! We pray God will bless great people accordingly. Daniel Gatewood provided printed materials and other support!

Likewise, Bro. Sidney Brodie and his brothers awesomely provided setup and support our words cannot adequately express in how they are appreciated.

The above exciting note and picture was part of a photo gallery of the Stop Killing Us March & Rally posted on Facebook by Senator Floyd B. McKissick, Jr. pictured (from left to right), is our “Fired-Up-Ready-To-Go” SKU Durham Representative Abdul Burnette, yours truly, Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood, and Senator Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.

We thank and congratulate Bro. Abdul Burnette for his great work on the ground in Durham! Bro. Abdul will keep us posted on upcoming Durham SKU events and follow up.

We further thank other Durham SKU team members Lisa Richmond, Darrion Smith, Elijah and Alicia Vick, and others. Sister Richmond is a fired-up-ready-to-go newcomer to SKU who lost a child to gun violence. She has deep ties within the Durham grassroots community and will continue to be a great asset!

Our JUSTICE Partners such as Southern Coalition for Social Justice and the Durham NAACP helped us in special ways! Bro. Roland Staton of the Durham NAACP opened the event; Sis. Vivian Timlic provided and managed a table of refreshments, voter registration, and other items. Atty. Angaza Laughinghouse, Jr., greatly assisted in securing support and offered his assistance throughout the planning process.

We were blessed with over 40 other JUSTICE Partners! Give God the glory for each partner and may God bless each one in a special way for stepping up! In alphabetical order listed below, we could not do what we do without your support:

Black Lives Matter (Wilmington, NC)
Black Workers For Justice (Raleigh)
Bull City High Stepping Band (Durham)
Bull City Rise Up (Durham)
Bull City United (Durham)
Concerned Citizens of Tillery, NC
Durham Branch NAACP
Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People
Durham Homicide and Victims of Violent Death Memorial Quilt (Sidney Brodie)
Exodus (Charlotte, NC)
Faith Builders (International) Ministries (Lilesville, NC)
Fayetteville Police Accountability Community Taskforce (PACT)
Gang Free Inc. (Henderson, NC)
Gary Jones “Get With the Program” Radio Show
Granville County Local Organizing Committee
Greater DC Chapter National Action Network (Washington, DC)
Harnett County NAACP
Helping Our Loved Ones Learn & Achieve
(HOLLA! – Morven, NC)
Inside-Out Alliance (IOA – Durham)
Interfaith Clergy (Greenville, NC)
Jesus Uniting Souls To Increase Community Engagement (JUSTICE) Ministration
Mothers Against Degrading Derogatory Demeaning and Explicit Raps (MADDDER Durham)
Muhammad’s Mosque #34 (Durham)
National Black Leadership Caucus (Southeast Region)
National Black Conference (Durham)
National Congress on Faith & Social Justice
NC Hip Hop Festival (Durham)
Nu Era Car Club (Durham)
Raleigh Radio One – WNNL The Light 103.9 FM; WQOK FOXY 107/104.3 FM; WFXC/K K-97.5 FM
Save Our Sons (Raleigh)
Scarborough & Hargett Celebration of Life Center
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (NC)
Southern Coalition for Social Justice (Durham)
Spectacular Magazine (Durham)
Stop Killing Us (SKU) Solutions Campaign
Students With A Goal (SWAG – Oxford, NC)
Vance & Adjacent Counties Interdenominational
Ministerial Conference (Henderson, NC)
Vance County NAACP
Walk For Life (Durham)
Warren County NAACP
Washington International Spiritual Center (Washington, DC)
Rev. Willie S. Darby, Pastor Penn Avenue Baptist Church (Oxford, NC)

This pic (above) from the Durham Stop Killing Us March is an indication of how local politicians and powerful elected officials were in supportive attendance. Now we much work together in ensuring we all work toward positive change. While we are not sure of the name of the great young lady in the center, men picture from left to right are Durham’s first Black Sheriff-Elect Clarence Birkhead, Mayor Stephen M. Schewel, Senator Floyd B. McKissick, Jr., and NC House Candidate Zack Hawkins.
Warren County High School graduate Keona Witherspoon speaks during the Durham Stop Killing Us Rally. Keona has been accepted at Harvard, and raising funds to secure her attendance.
The Durham SKU March & Rally featured edu-tainment from the soulful Soteria Shepperson. Soteria’s charisma and boldness provide a compelling message of inspiration enhanced by poetry. She is pictured with another young NC A&T University student who was allowed the opportunity to performed upon his request and he did an outstanding job also.
This amazing Durham Memorial Quilt has patched over 750 names of Durham homicide victims killed since 1994. The owner, Bro. Sidney Brodie is a longtime supporter who is committed to the Stop Killing Us movement.
Above is a group of Stop Killing Us advocates on stage during the Durham Stop Killing Us March (Durham Mayor is center).
Above is a picture of a portion of the crowd during the Durham Stop Killing Us March & Rally. Durham’s Minister Amon Muhammad for Muhammad’s Mosque #34 (up front and center) is part of the diverse crowd.
Above is the proclamation presented by Mayor Stephen M. Schewel to make official – “Stop Killing Us Day” in the City of Durham.
Marchers pictured above are preparing to line up for the Durham Stop Killing Us March on Saturday, June 2, 2018. My wife Odessa and Bro. Kenneth Moss carried and protected the banner all day. Bro Darrion Smith served as as Marshal Captain.

In addition to the police escort, the march was led by a hearse from the historic Scarborough & Hargett Celebration of Life Center, since 1871, and North Carolina’s number one radio station, The Light (Inspiration Station) WNNL 103.9 FM.

Below you may click onto the link to find coverage from Spectrum News:

Below you will find an outline of Things To Do After and Between our SKU Marches and Events.

The next Henderson monthly meeting/service
I would be honored if you all could join us and pass the word regarding Sunday, June 10 at 3 p.m. at the Gateway Center located at 314 S. Garnett St., Henderson – our monthly Jesus Uniting Souls To Increase Community Engagement (JUSTICE) Ministration & Stop Killing Us – Faith & Unity Meeting.

Activist and Educator Aya Shaba with child at the Durham Stop Killing Us March on 6/2/18

Donations are welcome for those able to give.  Also know, donations are never mandatory for anything we do or sponsor. There will be no offerings lifted or donations requested at any events/meetings we sponsor. With that said, for those who may be interested in donating to this cause may do so by clicking onto the link below.



For those who prefer sending checks, there are also instructions listed on the “donations” page once you logon. Thanks to those who have already given; to those who commit monthly; and thanks in advance to those who will when it is best for their budgets.

Our love and prayers are forever with you and yours!
You may contact us at any time at 919 939-6311.

In the spirit of JUSTICE and peace in the streets,
Rev. Curtis & Mrs. Odessa Gatewood

Thus says the Lord: Do justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him who has been robbed. And do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless, and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place. Jeremiah 22:3

JUSTICE Faith & Unity Forum
Sunday, June 10 at 3 p.m.
Gateway Center 314 S. Garnett St. Henderson, NC


Coming:  Save the Date

The 2nd Annual Durham Stop Killing Us March – Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 10 a.m.

Contact:  Abdul Burnette, SKU Durham Community & Area Representative    Phone:  (347) 344-0449  Email: or Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood (919) 939-6311 Email:

Community mourns in Durham, NC after a slained 7 year-old is caught into the crossfire of street violence.


JUSTICE PARTNERS. We are interested in networking with several grassroots leaders/organizers who are referred to as “JUSTICE Partners.”

What is the Purpose and Why Durham?

Here’s “Why Durham, NC.”
Durham should not be viewed as the nation’s poster child for crime and violence. To the contrary, Durham served for decades as the model for Black upward mobility; Durham serves as the birth place for the Hayti Community and “Black Wall St.”

At the same time in 1898 when racists mobs and domestic terrorists were in North Carolina carrying out the nation’s first and only coup de’tat and destroying and violently taking the entire city of Wilmington from the hands of successful Black politicians and businessmen, John Merrick, who had little formal education and was born into slavery, was in Durham opening the doors to North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company (which would grow to become the nation’s largest Black-owned insurance company).

Downtown Durham view showing the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company Headquarters. In 1965 the N.C. Mutual Life Insurance building became the tallest office building owned by African Americans in the United States. In 2006 the N.C. Mutual Life Insurance Co. building sold to a developer for only $11.4 million. N.C. Mutual remains in the building as a tenant under a long-term lease agreement.

Merrit collaborated with about six others, including pharmacist James E. Shepherd, to lay the foundation for the nation’s Black Wall Street which included building Mechanics & Farmers Bank. Shepherd would further work to bring into existence North Carolina Central University (NCCU).

North Carolina Central University (NCCU), also known as simply Central, is a public historically black university in the University of North Carolina system, located in Durham, North Carolina, offering programs at the baccalaureate, master’s, professional and doctoral levels. The University is a member-school of Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

Therefore the spiritual and historical significance of Durham is powerful as we seek to connect a new generation with our forefathers and foremothers’ spirit of “all things are possible for those who believe – just hold on, fight on, pray on, work on just a little while longer.”

We will further serve as another generation, ready to plant our feet upon the good soil of Durham to again show we can rise to the occasion; we can “reconstruct” our communities and businesses from the ashes of violence, economic injustice, political escalation of racism through Trumpism, and systemic gentrification.

During reconstruction following Emancipation Proclamation, national leaders like Booker T. Washington pointed to Durham as the example of succeeding against the odds. Therefore we will stand in the shadows of great people of faith, builders, and pioneers to say – “Stop Killing Us; Enough is Enough! It is time to unite and rebuild neighborhoods and the villages that can raise, serve, and protect our own children.”

The Purpose.
– To take action and raise awareness regarding our efforts “to rebuild the whole neighborhood village” because we believe the African proverb- “It takes the whole village to raise one child.”

– To provide a hopeful and energetic public platform for speaking truth, faith, solutions, unity, and love toward a segment of the population most in need, and to those who are unlikely to be reached by traditional methods of the status quo.

– To ensure we differentiate the societal symptoms from the disease and address the root causes of the high rate of killings within Black, poor, and oppressed neighborhoods and take the action necessary to bring about change.

– To further expose and encourage support for already existing organizations or ministries which are exemplary in serving as a solution while offering ideas/petitions for other needed neighborhood and institutional help toward stopping those responsible for killing us.

– To encourage those of powerful faith, spiritual wealth, and religious beliefs to come out from the four walls of the church into the streets of visibility, and become productive partners in building the “village” of neighborhood unity, stafety, and economic stability.

– To publicly inspire hope while simultaneously demonstrating our discontentment; to address and provide solutions toward the following categories of how we are being killed in this generation:

The ways we are being killed

A. Street and Neighborhood Killings. We will demonstrate love for those who lost loved ones; we will differentiate the societal symptoms from the disease while making the case for how both (symptoms and disease) must be treated in order to curtail and get to the root of neighborhood violence.

B. Police Misconduct and Wrongful Killings by Law Enforcement (not just Durham). We will demonstrate love for those who lost loved ones; we will express general discontentment; we will provide “universal standards/solutions.”

C. Racial/Domestic Terrorism and Mass Shootings. We will demonstrate love for those who lost loved ones; we will demonstrate a zero tolerance for domestic terrorist groups who have a history and/or purpose to kill, intimidate, terrorize, suppress the advancement, or eliminate Black or other humans.

D. Economic Violence.
– We will demonstrate love for all victims of systemic economic violence;
– We will resist the systemic destruction of Durham’s Black Wall St. and related massacres which deliberately destroyed Black businesses;
– We will resist today’s gentrification and how the disruption/removal of Black businesses and destabilization of Black communities systemically make us most vulnerable to the influx of deadly drugs, guns, gangs, and jails/recidivism;
– We will demonstrate the need to rebuild and support Black businesses;
– We will demonstrate the need for the protection of workers’ rights and closing the wealth gap and pay disparities;
– We will demonstrate the humane necessity and Biblical support for reparations for slavery, Jim Crow, racial terrorism, “urban removal,” mass incarceration, forced poverty, and ongoing discrimination.

F. Legislative Violence and Political Terrorism. Some of the following forms of Legislative Violence and Political Terrorism coming from the White House, federal, state, and local lawmakers are part of the “disease” whose “symptoms” produce a deadly disparate impact:
– Discriminatory laws which violate, abridge, or suppress the rights of others and fail to equally protect us;
– Deadly support for the classist and racist Death penalty;
– Deadly defunding of much needed early intervention programs, early childhood education, public education, and HBCUs;
– Wrongful Increase in funding for dehumanizing youth detention, incarceration, jail construction, and militarization of police;
– Deadly denials of Affordable Health Care/Medicaid;
– Deadly defense spending on acts of war while leaving white-supremacists terrorists and domestic mass killers heavily armed and growing;
– Discriminatory tax laws which feed the the pockets of the rich while increasing the poverty which feeds crime, early-death, and incarceration.
-Deadly disparities regarding how drug possession and addiction are treated in Black communities versus White communities; Black lives are destroyed by a violent, deadly, and incarcerating “war on drugs.” In contrast, widespread drug addiction in White communities are viewed as a “health crisis.”


Last, but certainly not least – we will reclaim the “faith” that “brought us this far,” rather than “shrink back to destruction.”

We will seek to demonstrate the power found in our spiritual roots as expressed in the book of Hebrew as it reads “But we are not of those who shrink back to destruction, but of those who have faith to the preserving of the soul.”

We will no longer underrate or underestimate the value and power of spiritual wealth. Historically, during the absence of financial wealth – spiritual wealth provided the “hope of the slave,” confidence, courage, and perseverence needed for survival and climbing the mountain of success.

We have the power and faith to stop the “destruction” and violence, and begin preserving the soul of our children and communities.

This event will serve as a city, state, and national demonstration to declare a new determination and new existence of a unified intolerance for all destructive internal and external perpetrators who use deadly acts of violence to disproportionately kill us and tear down the “villages” which are needed to “raise every child” and “protect and serve” without over relying on police or those who do not know or care for our children.

Proverbs 24:11 – Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

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