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Financial Counseling

Exodus Financial LLC’s certified credit counselors are specialists in the areas of money management, budgeting, and credit card and debt reduction. We offer financial counseling sessions, which usually last approximately 60 minutes per session.  Time estimates may vary from case to case.

What is debt and financial counseling?

After getting an overview of your financial picture by taking inventory of your monthly expenses, total debt, and income, you and your Exodus Financial counselor will discuss your financial goals and create an action plan to help you meet those goals. Financial goals may include surviving a financial crisis (e.g., job loss, divorce, death, mortgage delinquencies, high debt ratio), saving for a downpayment on a home, or building an emergency savings reserve. Most personalized plans include prioritizing debt repayment, use of household budget, and addressing credit issues.

To maximize the time working with your financial counselor in strategizing your plan, please bring with you to your first financial counseling session a copy of your most recent earning statement and your current monthly bills.

Financial Wellness Program

Your Financial Counselor will provide a complete, concise, personal, and detailed financial plan to include:

  • Personal Budgeting
  • Money Management
  • Mortgage Assistance
  • Debt Assessment and Analysis
  • Credit Score Improvement
  • And more!

Counseling sessions will assist you in resolving financial distress issues and providing appropriate solutions, including referrals or recommendations to assist in both short-term and long-term resolutions.

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